Our latest line of products and services is based on semi-automatic shotguns which have been designated as theĀ MKA-1919 and MKA-1919XN. Although many would agree that this is already well-developed platform is reliable and affordable, we have taken several steps of our own toward a design evolution.

Since the MKA-1919 has been introduced to the U.S. market, it has proven itself as a well designed, magazine fed shotgun. We've tested them thoroughly and have found some room for improvement so that it can be an even more effective and versatile system for sport and tactical applications.

We've resolved these issues with our own parts so that the shotguns can be modified in a number of ways that suit individual needs ranging from magazine capacity, ergonomics of fire controls, mechanical features and more. A great deal of effort has been put into the design and engineering of the upgrades we produce and we can help you to determine the best approach to customizing your shotgun by addressing your specific requirements. The components we manufacture are listed in our Shotgun Parts section but if you're just getting started, the ideal solution may be to begin with one of our complete custom shotguns which we call the Firebird TAC-12.