Complete TAC-12 Shotgun with billet machined lower receiver. Price: $2440
Complete Firebird Race Gun with polymer Lower. Price: $2185
Complete 922(r) MKA 1919. Price: $1600.00

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About The Firebird TAC-12 and the MKA-1919

As many of you know, we have started a new line of competition ready shotguns: The TAC-12

We cut our teeth on the Firebird Saiga line of shotguns, and proved that a mag fed shotgun can be competitive in 3 Gun / Multigun shooting.


However, we also discovered that the quality control with the Saiga shotgun is all over the map when they leave Russia.

Some shotguns needed 5 hours of work, while others needed over 20.  This drastic variation really cut into our time and resources that we have to dedicate to that shotgun line.


The MKA 1919 on the other hand seems to be a winner out of the gate.

Quality control on the shotguns I have received to date is very high, and the platform is easy to adapt to the needs of the 3 Gun market.


The stock gun is very light, and has a substantial forcing cone.

This does make it recoil heavy, but it is a "Remington 1100" type action, and those are known to be soft shooting.


As you can imagine..the phone has been ringing off the hook .

Between machine shops and customers, I am having trouble keeping up with questions and requests. 


Please call back if you don't get through.  

You can leave a Voicemail, but they can be very hard to hear your phone number at times - and if we can't hear your phone number, we can't call you back.

*Note*  At this time we are not exporting the Firebird MKA 1919 shotgun or parts.



We have been receiving a lot of phone calls for custom colored MKA 1919s. 

Currently we only offer the MKA 1919 in factory colors.  Black, and Camo pattern.

We have been working on custom hydrographic coatings for the TAC-12 but it is a custom finish and must be quoted with a custom price. Please call for more information.


A word on the ATF and 922 R compliant parts

As best we can tell from a Saiga ATF parts lists:

The Adkal could consist of 13 parts plus 3 in the mag for a grand total of 16

ATF allows no more than 10 imported parts to be 922 compliant.

We are replacing 8 of the 13 listed imported parts, this leaves 5 listed parts in the gun.
They are as follows:


Upper receiver 

Lower receiver


Bolt carrier

Listed parts replaced as follows:

1 Muzzle device (choke)

2 Gas piston

3 Trigger

4 Hammer

5 Disconnector

6 Buttstock

7 Pistol grip

8 Handguard


Other parts used (not listed)


buttstock adapter

Pistol grip adapter


mag button


We can only guess what the ATF may or may not recognize as a part in this gun, no MKA 1919 specific lists exists that we know of.

The only list we can work from applies to Saigas, so we are over cautious in listing as many parts as possible.

However the ATF breaks it down I don't feel they can come up with more parts than we assume they could list.

My plan is to replace every part possible, to insure that we are compliant.

Stay tuned, more coming soon.

- Jim