TAC-12 Stocks

In addition to our entry-length Blade Stock, we're 2 more fixed length stocks and an adjustable for the TAC-12.

Adjustable-Length Blade Stock

Based on our original Blade Stock, the adjustable model can be fit to your ergonomic requirements.
Ideal for shooters who wear different clothing or equipment which would alter the positioning of the grip, etc.
Great item for those who like to share their TAC-12 with friends of different sizes.
It has a foam cheek rest, a precision guide rod and a knurled thumb adjustment.
Sturdy Construction. Clean Design.
Length of Pull: 12.O - 14.O in

Price: $189.OO

Entry-Length Blade Stock

Our entry length stock is CNC machined.
It's smooth but very rugged.
Length of Pull: 11.5 in

Price: $149.95

A-1 Fixed Length Stock

A-1 Length Stock Type-1
Length of Pull: 14.O in

Price: $149.95

A-1 Fixed Length Bench Rest Stock

A-1 Length Stock Type-2 (Benchrest)
Length of Pull: 14.O in

Price $149.95

Limb Saver Grind-to-Fit Recoil Pads

Limb Saver 1" Grind-to-Fit recoil pads.

Price $44.95

Pre-fitted by Firebird Precision add: $ 25.00

Firebird Precision MKA Buttstock Adaptor

Fits on MKA polymer lower receiver to accomodate any Firebird Precision TAC-12 Stock or any other AR-15 type stock.


Price: $49.95